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Order and confirmation

Order and confirmation

To request / order creation of websites, theme, and SEO services. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Send a message either via the contact form provided or via e-mail and include:
    1. Your name.
    2. Your email * Use your email is active because it will be used to reply to your message.
    3. Subject or type of your service request.
    4. Be descriptive about your request it. If you want to include a file in the message, we recommend that you contact uses the same email.
  2. After receiving your message we will immediately respond with the next clue.

To confirm payment. Please follow the instructions below:

To perform the confirmation upon payment you do, please do as the following instructions:

  1. Please send an email to:
  2. Please include: your name, phone, code and name of the products you order, proof of the transfer or payment.
  3. After we check the truth related to the data, we will immediately respond and give an answer.

Understanding of website:

The website is a result of a programming arranged structured, but the starting point in the provision of programming itself. And to realize is that in any programming technology will have advantages and disadvantages of each. Because there are things and standard rules in programming that can not be violated.

So even though you as a user can determine a good choice in terms of features, the look, and a particular function. That can only be fulfilled or even better, but there are times when it can not be fulfilled. It all depends on your requirements and provisions of the programming itself.
Order and payment provisions Making Website:

Once you decide to use our services with the applicable regulations and according to the agreement, it is done in accordance with the following:

  1. Reading and Understanding Term Of Service
  2. Paying Advance / Signs so for the purchase of domain and hosting 50% of the price according to the agreement.
  3. Price according to the agreement referred to in this case is: The total of the price of domain + server / hosting + plugin + manufacturing services.
  4. And the domain name or url links will not be informed before your website is complete we do. It is solely for the smooth running of our performance.
  5. Once we declare complete website creation we will provide a link url of your website, so that you can review and make corrections.
  6. After you review and make corrections and then you must agree to pay the remaining payment (50% repayment).
  7. After you pay off the rest of the payment, then we will fill your whole being right:
    1. Access cpanel / server.
    2. Access the website administrator.
  8. Done ...

Make a donation or payment according to the agreement only through:

Permata Bank

Account Name: Yohanes Guntur Wahyu Wiranto
Account Number: 9750 41174
KCP: Cikarang Baru
Contact Person: 0821 7526 8793

Note: When making a transfer please make sure the account holder's name is listed above.